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‘Rouge’ is an Aching Fairytale of Envy and Beauty

Book Review

Mona Howard’s surreal dark comedy portrays the intergenerational weight of self-love and the envious blades of desire while taunting the beauty industry.

8 Witchy Rom-Coms Perfect for a Cozy Fall Weekend

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Everything We Know About Fourth Wing Book Two (Iron Flame)

New Release

10 Fantasy Romance Books to Read After Fourth Wing

Reading List

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Blood and Steel Book Review

A sizzling fantasy romance debut full of action and friendship, perfect for fans of "Bridge Kingdom" and "Divergent." Read our "Blood & Steel" book review.

Book Review


The Best Dark Romance Book Series by Trope

Online searches for "dark romance" have more than doubled in the past year. See which dark romance series we're loving right now.

Reading List


"A Soul of Ash and Blood" Gets Mixed Reviews from Early Readers

The infamous Blood and Ash series continues with its fifth installment, and early reviews show some readers are not pleased with the alternate POV retelling.

New Release


Ultimate Guide: Chestnut Springs Series by Elsie Silver

FMK: Bull rider, rancher, hockey player. Welcome to Chestnut Springs. 

Series Guide


City of Gods and Monsters Is Gritty and Sexy (read: Darien Cassel Is Gritty and Sexy)

Kayla Edwards creates an ambitious urban world full of demons, werewolves, vampires and Darkslayers - and she sticks the landing with an action-packed and emotional conclusion.

Book Review


Yarros Cracks the Fantasy Romance Code (Fourth Wing Book Review)

In Fourth Wing, Rebecca Yarros ups the ante on a classic tale with dragons, magic and mysteriously evil forces, crafting a brilliantly unique story with familiar fabric, something that readers of all backgrounds can enjoy.

Book Review


I Guess I Like Aliens Now? (A Review of Ice Planet Barbarians)

Have you ever fantasized about crash landing on an ice planet inhabited by hunky blue aliens who want nothing more than to care for and love you like it is their sole reason for existing? Welcome to Not-Hoth, home to the Ice Planet Barbarians.

Book Review


Jennifer L. Armentrout Releases New Fantasy Romance Series

The author of the bestselling novel, "From Blood and Ash," launches new series on September 12, 2023.

New Release


Review: The Memory Puller by Kris K. Haines

Kris K. Haines shocked us with her inventive debut, The Memory Puller, creating a fantasy mystery that had us laughing and swooning with every turn of the page.

Book Review

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