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Review: The Memory Puller by Kris K. Haines

Cozy fantasy mystery romance is my new favorite genre, and after you read The Memory Puller, it might be yours too. This new adult fantasy romance features a well-paced mystery, a quirky investigation squad, and a spicy slow burn that will give you giddy butterflies. She stole his memory. Will he steal her heart?

What is The Memory Puller about?

Set in a world where powerful Fae have colonized the mortal realm, a precarious agreement requires humans to sell their memories to the government so they can make Delirium - a synthetic substance that mimics human emotion, originally stolen directly from mortals at the risk of their life. A young women, Cassandra, works as a sacred Shrouded Sister - a mortal women with the ability to pull and preserve memories. Humans from all over the colony visit her to trade their memories for gold, the only way to survive in a society meant to keep humans dependent on the government and the Delirium supply in check. Cassandra fights against the system, using the memories she pulls to plan efficient robberies so she can provide money to struggling mortal families within the colony.

But one night she's caught by a Fae officer, and she makes a decision that will change her life forever. When her sisters begin disappearing, the Fae government sends two officers to live with the Shrouded Sisters and solve the mystery. But when the same Fae man she stole memories from is the only one that can help save her sisters, Cassandra finds herself immersed in a conspiracy that may have more to do with her than she could have ever imagined. Working together with the Fae officer, she must race to find her sisters before it is too late.

My Review of The Memory Puller

I love mysteries. I love rom-coms. I love fantasy. And I loved The Memory Puller! This story reminded me of a small town, cottage core romance story. But instead of hunky firemen and mechanics, we get magical nuns and cops with glittering black feather wings.

This is how you write dialogue. Every character felt alive, and THANK GOD for a fantasy romance that doesn’t make you cringe at the FMC the whole time. From the very first chapter when Cassandra escaped from her magical convent, stole a priceless diamond necklace from a wealthy couple to save a starving single mother, and then unironically tried to fight a giant cop with wings, I knew I was in love. I want to be best friends with her and Xenia. And don't get me started on our Fae boys. The chemistry between all four of them is so wholesome (and also entirely the opposite of wholesome)(RE: Tristan using Cassandra as a decoy scene OMFG).

I want to join the investigation squad. Somebody call the Vicereine!! The banter, the plot pacing, the mystery, the rich setting, the slow burn tension between Cassandra and Tristan. And for the love of mother earth, I NEED to read more of Cael and Xenia - I saw the way those chains rattled boy. You better start using your words in book two, Cael.

This was honestly just so much fun to read. It's a story that transports you to a whole new world without even trying. Her writing feels like snuggling in a blanket with a cup of tea and watching rom coms. I can’t wait to get back into this world and dive deeper into the mystery. I’m dying with the cliffhanger though 😩

Read an excerpt from The Memory Puller!
“What do you want, Tristan?”
“Now how is it fair that you know my name, but I don’t know yours?”
“You do know mine. It’s Sister Fortin.”
He gnashed his teeth, exposing his pointed canines. “Yes, about that. You left out a few key pieces of information when you were flirting with me on Saturday.”
Cassandra scoffed. “Flirting with you? You were getting ice for my chin, that’s all. You didn’t need to know that I was a Shrouded Sister. Unless you thought I was going to beg you to take me to bed.”
“Weren’t you?” he purred, curving his hand around her hip and bending down as if to devour her lips.
She dug her fingers into his silky knot of hair and yanked his head back. His eyes snapped shut and he clenched his teeth, sucking in a sharp breath. It was not a sound of pain.
Tristan’s throat bobbed in a dark chuckle as he wrenched his hair from her grip. “A Shrouded Sister who likes it rough, huh? Naughty girl.”

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The Memory Puller

Kris K. Haines

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