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8 Witchy Rom-Coms Perfect for a Cozy Fall Weekend

Fall is my favorite time of year. Born and raised in Michigan, I love watching the leaves change color and breathing in the crisp, cool air. Bonfires, cinnamon candles, fuzzy socks, pumpkin pie, Halloween. Something about the season seems magical. And who knows? Maybe it is.

My favorite part of the season is curling up with a cozy book, and nothing is better than a witchy romance. If you're looking for a new read, try one of these witch inspired rom-coms, featuring cozy small towns, magic-infused baked goods, cursed ex-boyfriends, flying houses, accidentally summoned sexy demons, and hilariously spooky adventures.


Enchanted to Meet You

By Meg Cabot

From the bestselling author of The Princess Diaries series comes a new witchy rom com. After being banned from the World Council of Witches, a handsome man shows up at her door and claims she is the “chosen one” who must save her town. Set in a small town on the coast of New England, this has perfect cozy spooky season vibes.

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The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels

By India Holton

Quirky, whimsical and romantic. This is a hilarious and witty story about a group of prim and proper ladies that moonlight as thieves. And one lady in particular needs to save her crazy aunt from a gun-wielding assassin. Some describe this as “Bridgerton meets Peaky Blinders.” Utterly inventive and one hell of a ride. Bonus! There are two more books in the series - The League of Gentlewoman Witches and 

The Secret Service of Tea and Treason

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The Unfortunate Side Effects of Heartbreak and Magic

By Breanne Randall (Releasing September 19, 2023)

This warm and witchy claims to be perfect for “fans of Gilmore Girls and Practical Magic.” Follow along as Sadie uncovers her family secrets, while baking magic desserts and dealing with the first man who broke her heart. Set in a small town with plenty of gossip and drama, the story follows a tight knit family and what it means to love in the face of magic. 

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Witches Guide to Fake Dating a Demon

by Sarah Hawley

In this cozy and spicy read, a novice witch accidentally summons a demon who needs to complete a soul bargain to reclaim his scary-demon reputation. He can't leave her side until the deal is done, but strange as it seems, humans are a bit attached to their souls. And it would be too embarrassing to tell her mother she accidentally summoned a demon, so the only obvious choice is to pretend they are dating.

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The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches

By Sangu Mandanna

Mika has spent her life hiding her magic, isolating herself from other witches to prevent their powers from drawing too much attention. But when she receives an invitation to mentor three young witches at the mysterious Nowhere House, she finds herself immersed in a world of magic and quirky found family. But the handsome librarian is protective, and he doesn’t trust her. He may need to when trouble comes knocking at the door, and Mika needs to decide if she’s ready to risk everything for a family she never knew she wanted. This is a very heartwarming and introspective story that focuses less on romance than some of the others on the list.

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Go Hex Yourself

By Jessica Clare

Our protagonist thinks she’s accepting a job working on her favorite cardgame, Spellcraft: The Magicking. Instead, she accidentally applied to be a familiar for a real life witch who has an infuriating(ly sexy) son. This spicy, enemies-to-lovers story screams Reylo fanfic, but I haven’t seen that confirmed anywhere. Still a sexy, witchy time!

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Playing the Witch Card

By K.J. Dell'Antonia

Flair has sworn of magic. After all, nothing good can come when you mix love and romance. But when she inherits her grandmother’s bakery, she accidentally unlocks a string of magic that lures her misbehaving mother back to town, tempts her magic-obsessed daughter, curses her ex-boyfriend, and summons Flair’s first boyfriend. Full of heart and second-chance romance, this is perfect for a quiet morning read snuggled under your softest blanket. 

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The Ex Hex

By Erin Sterling

This book is perfect for fall. It’s a silly, goofy, and hilariously spooky story about a woman that accidentally cursed her ex boyfriend. And as luck (or black cats) would have it, he’s back in town. This one is perfect for Halloween, it’s a must read for October. And bonus! There’s a sequel, The Kiss Curse

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Bonus! Even more witch romance book recommendations.

You can never have enough witchy romance books. As we find more romantic comedy books featuring witches, we'll add them here.


The Modern Girls Guide to Magic

By Linsey Hall

The magically-challenged daughter of a magical family has sworn off magic, but that changes when she enters a magical competition to win money and save her family's potion shop. And she definitely shouldn't fall for the Sexiest Witch of the Year, but that might change too. Set in the small town of Charming Cover full of ancient pubs and foul-mouthed familiars, the Modern Girls Guide to Magic is a fun with romance.

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Ready to read? Get the book today!

Enchanted to Meet You

Meg Cabot

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